Divider Customization

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Page 3: cut a new door hole

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This demo is on a JM-1065 with the ceiling wiring already done.
see "Dollhouse Wiring" for more on using tapewire


I want a doorway into the front room so I can put a bathroom at the back. The stairs are close to the front wall, so I am testing a standard doorway in front before I cut it.


This is what a standard divider cutout (1" from the edge) looks like at the stairs. Even that much of the cutout in front of the stairs would hardly cause comment, but it's unnecessary.



Once the Stairs are installed, the top step is part of the floor, so the door cutout will be over the floor, not the steps, if the cutout is all the way to the back edge of the divider. This will be an "L" shaped cutout, which will require some accommodation with the door trim, but is otherwise straight forward.



To mark the door hole, I will trace the door hole of the second divider (the one that wasn't removed) onto the divider I am cutting. In this photo, it is behind the second divider with the back edge lined up with the edge of the door cutout.



On the right is the tracing for the new door cutout

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