Divider Customization

Page 1: remove the divider
Page 2: layout a new door hole
Page 3: cut a new door hole (you are here)

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This demo is on a JM-1065 with the ceiling wiring already done.
see "Dollhouse Wiring" for more on using tapewire


Following the layout, make several straight cuts with the blade straight up-and-down. Keep the cuts gentle so the straight edge won't slip.

Don't do this on the coffee table... when the knife drops off the end of the cut, whatever is there will be cut too - make sure it's disposable!

Now a "clearing cut" angled toward the straight cuts. The combination of straight cuts on the line and clearing cuts in the waste piece will make a "V" shaped cut that will get deeper and deeper until the door cutout is complete.
I always flinch at the end when the knife drops onto the table, so, to keep the last bit of the cut deep, I have to do an extra "chop" at the end. I am rocking the blade to cut deeply toward the straight cut.  
Now, another straight cut. The "clearing cut" has taken the tension off the wood so it doesn't drag on the blade as I go deeper.  
When the straight cut and the clearing cut get deep enough, the "ribbon" between them will come loose.  

The top of the door too... straight cuts and clearing cuts.


Extra chops in the corner, rocking the tip down to make the cuts complete.


Straight cuts and clearing cuts deepen the "v"  

The cut is slicing thru to the other side


Fold it down so it won't tear the wood.


Carve the cutout so it's all smooth and square




Here's the divider with a door into the front room at the top of the stairs: