Installing Dividers    

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This demo is on a JM-1065 with the ceiling wiring already done.
see "Dollhouse Wiring" for more on using tapewire



In a JM-1065, the Dividers line up with the Gable Side in front.
Place the 1st floor Divider with the top lined up with the edge of the stair hole.

The Divider that is laying on the floor is lined up with the back edge as a "square" to make the Divider you are placing straight front-to-back.

  install a dollhouse divider

Move the "squaring" Divider upright so the Divider you are placing is straight up-and-down. If you had to adjust it enough that the "square" position that you already set might have moved, test that again.

Mark the floor for the Divider's position. Mark the Front so you have a target when the time comes to install the Divider (in the 1065, the Gable Side is the target in front).

  install a dollhouse divider
  Check again that the Divider lines up with the stair hole. Mark the back edge of the second floor for the Divider's position.   Dollhouse divider
  Do the same thing for the second floor Divider... check the front edge if it must line up with a gable wall. The back edge must line up with the marks for the first floor Divider so that, when the Dividers are installed, they will line up with each other.   dollhouse divider installation

Install the first-floor Divider first, then the second-floor, and finish in the attic.

Apply glue

  installing a divider in a dollhouse
  Tip the Divider and put it in the house about 1/2" from touching the front wall. Touch the bottom edge down lined up with the marks in back and in front.   dollhouse divider installation
  Stabilize the Divider as you tip it upright. Take care to keep the base of the Divider lined up with the marks (I push down with the hand holding the Divider so it won't slide around and smear the glue).   dollhouse divider
  When the Divider gets close to the floor above, lift the floor as much as you can.   dollhouse divider install
. Line up the top and bottom with the marks. Make sure the front is on-target; check the mark, check the stairhole cutout   how to install a dollhouse divider
  Keep the front of the Divider lined up with the target; push the Divider the last bit into position (don't push hard on the fragile piece behind the door cutout)   divider installation in a dollhouse
  If the "target" is the Gable Side, tape the Divider to the Gable Side so it will stay lined up - stretch the tape to keep it tight.   put a divider into a dollhouse
  A damp rag cleans up the glue squeezings   dollhouse divider
  Mop up the dampness with a dry rag   dallhouse divider install
  Repeat the process for any more first-floor Dividers, then do the second-floor Dividers. Work from the bottom of the house to the top. Tape the Dividers to keep them in position as the glue dries.   install a divider