Setting up a workspace

Setting up a workspace for a full sized dollhouse takes some thought and preparation. You need a flat worksurface with good lighting, but just as importantly, you need a space that provides either the quiet or the comraderie you hope for while the build is under way. It may be grand central station in your home, or it may be a couple of tables in the garage. Either way, you should plan for many days of lots of space. When that is not possible (the builder's constant woe) it is important to provide for ways to manage the paint and supplies, the tools and partially built pieces, all the work in progress.
supply bin
Here is a large flat table which is plastic surfaced (not a family heirloom!). I have two cardboard boxes I got from the office supplies store - they are big enough for all the medium-sized pieces in the dollhouse so, in between building sessions, nothing will get lost. This kind of box has a lid that is perfect for a painting tray, lined with waxed paper it can transport rail or window parts to the couch in front of the TV for social time and productivity (the best of both worlds!)
The snap-lid bin is big enough for all of my supplies. When I keep my stuff in the bin, it is still there when I have "a few minutes" to get the next thing done

Supplies in my Builder's Bin (in order of use and importance)
Tape Measure and pencil    
Tacky Glue, Panel Cement (for shingles)   Paint
Masking tape   Sandpaper (320 grit aluminum oxide - 5 sheets)
Utility knife   and   package of new blades   Brushes (package of 10 assorted 1" and 2" foam brushes
Screwdriver (small, with replacable tips)   Brushes (package of assorted artist's brushes)
'Razor' saw or fine-toothed hack saw   Several rags and paper towels
hammer (12 oz is my favorite)   Bottle of water to dampen rags
weights (stacks of books, jugs full of sand, big cans of tomatoes)   Paint and Assemble Railings
clothes pins (spring clip style)