Planter and Trellis     palnter and trellis set
Assembly of Real Good Toys PT-6 Kit

It is far easier to paint or stain (or some of each) the parts before assembly.
Sanding between coats is nearly impossible when assembly is done

    Planter and Trellis parts and supplies  
Identify the Parts

Planter and Trellis Kit
Fine toothed saw
Waxed Paper
Fine (320gr) Sandpaper

  • Also:
    Lots of Paper Towels
    Petroleum Jelly (hand protection)
    Talcum Powder (hand protection)
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Protect your hands from paint
    Build the Planter Sides Planter Sides   hand cream  wipe off  talcum powder
    Paint and Assemble the Planters Fronts with Legs  
    Assemble the Trellis Trellis  
    Second Coat painting the planters and trellis  
  Arrange the Flowers arrange the flowers