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Comments: I just purchased my first dollhouse (Newport) and was wondering if wallpaper and flooring can be done after house construction?

Note: the Newport is a "layer-construction" house in which the walls fit in between the floors

Hi T
I have a fellow-builder friend who gets huge satisfaction from installing wallpaper and flooring along the way on the Newport.  She papers the walls leaving 1/8" on the ends un-papered to fit into the grooves (the grooves are a tiny bit deeper than 1/8", so the paper sinks into the groove a little bit but not so much that it splits the connector... she says).  She lays the flooring in place when preparing to attach the walls to the floors, then traces the wall perimeter on the flooring, pre-cuts and glues down the flooring, then paints the area outside the flooring (she glues on the Nosing first) leaving 1/4" on the outside of the flooring unpainted for glue.  She does great work and has done oodles of builds, and gives good advice.

However, I always prefer to paper and apply flooring after the construction is done.  When I am gluing down the walls I use plenty of glue and don't want to have worries about glue getting on the wallpaper or flooring.  I don't want to use less tape because wallpaper is in the way (tape will tear wallpaper).  I just want to focus on making the walls strong and lined up in the important places.  Making flooring templates and pre-cutting wallpaper before gluing on the next-higher floor is a good thing to do though.  To make a flooring template, put in the biggest piece of paper you can, roughly fit inside the house, then tape pieces to it that go exactly to the wall.  I use craft paper so it's a little heavier than printer paper, and I use the lipstick-style stickum along with tape to make a good stiff template that fits the space exactly... and label it!  I made a $Mistake once by not labeling my template.

I prime the inside of the walls and the ceilings before construction, and sand with an orbital sander until the surface feels soft and the paint is transparent and wood is showing thru for the glue to grab.  Anything that gets painted will get a second coat after construction.  I finish the outside construction all except the railings, then turn the house over to paint the ceilings. Next I install wallpaper, flooring, then the rest of the interior, doing the stairs and the baseboard/crown around the stairs last.

Happy building

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