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Question: I'm finishing up my first house.  My question is about the flooring.  I've purchased the hardwood sheet, with the paper backing.
1. what is the best way to cut thes sheets?
2. how is this installed; glued? If so, what kind of glue?

I thought the backing pealed off and had an adhesive backing you would just press down to attach.  That is not the case!


Hi J
I cut sheet flooring with a straight-backed razor and a metal straight edge.
I use fabric glue to apply it, which I spread with a notched trowel, then
press down the sheet, then rub it with a straight-sided coffee cup.  Here
are some photos:

Sheet Flooring

If you join sheets side-to-side, make sure there isn't any backing poking
out at the edge.  I always chamfer an undercut with sandpaper just to be

You can't join sheets end-to-end and have it look good.  The best solution
for an end-to-end requirement is a cross-piece like Bruce did:
Bruce's Floors

Happy building

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