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Shingle a Dollhouse


Finishing the Interior
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   JM401 Shingles
   JM907 Shingles
   JM1065 Shingles
   JM4600 Shingles
   J550 Shingles



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Dye Shingles
   Dye or Penetrating Stain
   Paint wash

Glues and gluing techniques

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Rectangular Shingles:
   Techniques and Valley Flashing
   Valley Shingles (JM401)
   Valley Shingles (JM1065)
   Boston Lap

Octagonal Shingles and Flashing:
   Full Flashing
   Half Flashing
   Gazebo Porch Roof
      'after assembly' Porch Roof
  Start a Boston Lap with a pair of shingles touching across the peak