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  • Bay Foundations:  Taped with the 45* bevels on the outside
  • Bay Foundations glued together.  Put a weight on top to hold it tight to the table while the glue dries
  • The main foundation is glued and nailed together
  • Glue and tape on the Bay Foundation
  • Line up the Bay Foundation with the Front Foundation's bevel
  • If I have plenty of space I glue on the Nosings now.  Here, I have prepared tape
  • The Rooftops and Tower Ceiling with Nosing glued in place.  The flat side is against the table
  • The Nosing attached to the Upper Floors (the top is showing)
  • The Base Floor glued to the Foundation, lined up at the back
  • I didn't get the Nosing lined up with the floor's top as well as I wanted.  Here I have spread autobody paste (generically called "Bondo") on the uneven surface.  When it is dry, I will scrape and sand it smooth.
  • I set up the walls without glue to trace the perimeter on the floors and ceilings for painting.  Here, the End Cap is lined up in back and about 1/8" from the edge of the floor (not the Nosing)
  • Dividers locate the walls
  • 12 15/16 locates the Connector from the Floor's edge (not the Nosing).  Notice the 90* connector is the long way front to back... they all aim that way
  • The walls are aproximately parallel with the floors edges
  • Notice that the 135* connectors have a square corner which is square with the floor in every case
  • Finally, the other End Cap, also lined up with the back edge (and taped), about 1/8" from the floor's edge
  • I have traced the inside and the outside of the walls on the Base and Middle floors.  Here, I am painting to cover the outside line
  • I traced the undersides of both Upper Floors too.  Here I am painting to cover the outside line
  • The walls had some curve in them.  I laid them concave side down on a slightly damp towel and, after about 1 hour, they were straight and I glued them to the floor.  I did this again with the second floor's walls when I was ready to glue them to the floor
  • Assembly of the walls, this time with glue. The upright Divider holds the walls straight.