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  • A half pint of shingle dye (don't use fabric dye - it turns purple on wood), a gallon jug cut in half (the bottom half is the bucket, the top half is the drain), and up to 1000 shingles (here I have 1085)
  • I will dye a double handful at a time.  This process is messy (and smelly if you use stain); expect drips and splatter.
  • Mix and stir the shingles in the dye
  • Make sure dye gets between every shingle
  • Pour the shingles into the drain so the dye will drip into the cup
  • Leave the shingles in the drain and pour the dye back into the bucket
  • Another batch.  1000 shingles is four batches
  • Leave the dyed shingles in the drain.  The last batch will take extra mixing and stirring to get the dwindling dye on every surface, but stick to it.  Save the leftover dribble of dye in a sealed container in the refrigerator for shingle touchups on the house (brown markers work for touchup too)
  • Dump the shingles in a shallow heap on a thick pile of newspaper or corregated cardboard
  • After an hour, stir them up; rub the shingles between your hands so they won't stick together
  • Stir them 3 or 4 times the first day, twice the second day (and change the newspaper/cardboard), and once a day for two more days.  On day 5 they are ready