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  • I am making a marking stick for layout of the shingle guidelines - very useful if the shingle spacing is not a whole number!  Here I am using a shingle to lay out the first line
  • 1 1/2" octogonal or 1 1/4" straight shingles use a 1" reveal. Other shingles might need a different reveal for full coverage (1 1/4" fishscale shingles, for instance, often use a 7/8" reveal, then these marks would be at 7/8").  I am using 1 1/2" octagonal shingles with a 1" reveal, so my marking stick will use 1" spacing above the first line.
  • Transferring the layout to the Gazebo Roof
  • Use the base of one Roof to "straightedge" the layout marks and draw the shingle guidelines
  • The shingle guidelines are parallel to the base
  • Lay out the shingle guidelines on the straight roofs
  • Connect the lines
  • Start with a shingle in the center and shingle both directions - the next course starts with a pair of shingles centered... etc.  Shingle past the edges; use plenty of glue on the edge shingles
  • Cut the shingles with a sharp, new craft knife.  Cut from the bottom to the top with many light strokes.  Hold the knife along the angle of the edge of the roof (the "bevel").
  • the knife is at the bevel angle
  • If you have to carve the shingles to match the bevel angle, carve from the bottom to the top
  • Many pieces of tape - the outside of the shingles isn't a very good surface for tape to grab... lots of tape will work anyway
  • Test the Roof set on the house.  I always have to trim the shingles in the corner cutout.  When you've coaxed a good fit, glue together and glue in place.
  • A good fit in the corner lets you line up the outside perimeter evenly
  • Porch Triangles

  • 15d.jpg

  • 15e.jpg
  • The pre-shingling makes the Front Roof too big - some fitting is necessary
  • I shorten the roof on this end and cut around the trimstrip.  Gaps will be covered by shingles
  • Now the Front Roof fits