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Questions and Answers: will be posted here when I can get to it. If you have a question and don't see the answer, feel free to ask. Be sure to tell me what you are building, where you are in the build, and what your experience is. Be conversational.

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  Never Ever built a Dollhouse before Taking things apart What style of wiring should I use?
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Flooring - Applied sheet

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Q. I have NEVER EVER built a dollhouse before.
So, I am looking for some guidance and advice if you will. 

1- What is the best way to go about painting the inside and outside.  What about the flooring, walls, trim, etc. 
2- Should the shell be built first and then after that, do the flooring (more)


Q.  I recently purchased a dollhouse kit.  I discovered that I attached the Corner Molding onto each Side panel wrong. I have tried several methods to separate the pieces but nothing has succeeded.

A. I performed the following test to see if oven heat would soften the glue (more)


Q. Shingles.  I want them to end up as good as they can be.  Again, thanks,

A. Dye or stain your shingles several days ahead of time so they will be completely dry when you are ready (more)

Q. Question: I'm attempting to put lights and wall outlets in my second dollhouse - is it possible to drill holes in the walls?

A. 3/8 floors and walls can be grooved half way thru in most "cocktail straw" applications (more)


Q. Question: I have put many coats of paint on the walls and they still look terrible. I don't know what to do to fix this.

A. don't put on any more paint until we figure out what is going on. (more)