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Everyone has some amount of skill, everyone has more to learn, everyone has something to teach. No matter where you are along the journey, you can always advance by trying new things, planning ahead, and asking questions.

Beginner Skills

  • Read and follow instructions one step at-a-time
  • Identify parts by looking at photographs or drawings
  • Locate parts by written instructions and photos or drawings
  • Line things up at the edges
  • Apply glue and tape, and install pegs and screws in pre-drilled holes
    Tools and Supplies:
  • Tacky Glue or other white glue
  • Masking Tape
  • Hammer
  • #2 (standard) Phillips head Screwdriver

    Experienced Beginner Skills:(all beginner skills plus:)

  • Measure parts for Identification
  • Sanding and Painting
  • Drive Nails
    Tools and Supplies:
  • Measuring Tape or Ruler Click here for a tutorial on Measuring and Fractions
  • Nail Set
  • Sand Paper
  • Painting Supplies

    Intermediate Skills:(all of the above plus:)

  • Trim rounded corners of cutouts to make them square
  • Assemble Railings using Pattern or Jig
  • Measure and draw Shingle guidelines
  • Cut Shingles and Stripwood
    Tools and Supplies:
  • Scissors or fine tooth saw
  • Utility knife or coarse file
  • Straight-edge and pencil
  • Liquid Nails®Macco or similar panel cement

    Experienced Intermediate Skills:(all of the above plus:)

  • Measure parts for positioning
  • Hold together small sub-assemblies with tape or rubber band
  • Attach Hinges; drill or punch holes for screws
  • Use tape and nails to straighten moisture-reactive parts
    Tools and Supplies:
  • #0 (small) Phillips head screwdriver in new condition
  • Drill or punch (for slightly smaller holes than the screws)

    Advanced Skills:(all of the above plus:)

  • Cut moldings to size and to a mitered angle
  • Read ahead and understand instructions so critical aspects can be anticipated
  • Assemble complex structures in several steps guided by an understanding of the way they will eventually fit in the dollhouse
    Tools and Supplies:
  • Miniature miter box or equivalent

    As an Experienced Kitbuilder, I

  • Look ahead to know where I’m going
  • Read ahead to know how I’ll get there
  • Plan ahead to know what I’ll need
  • Test ahead to know how things fit
  • Paint ahead so my parts will be ready

    Other supplies often used by Experienced Kitbuilders:

  • Hot melt glue
  • Drill and drill bits
  • Jig saw
  • Electrification supplies