Cut an Electrification Slot      

This demo is on a JM-907 set of floors for wiring with tapewire.
see "Dollhouse Wiring" for more on using tapewire


Top Floor E-Slot using a craft knife, after construction [slide show]    

The First Gallery is for cutting an Electrification slot in the JM-907 Middle Floor. I do this even if it already has a notch at the back edge so the wiring will not be compromised by a door into an extension, and because I prefer to do a full loop of wire up through the floor holes, across the attic ceiling, and down the other side in a single loop (no connections). This loop is the beginning of a robust and secure layout.

The First Gallery:
Cut an Electrification slot
Base Floor E-slots are useful when power comes into the house through the foundation, as it would when using a coaxial jack and plug instead of Cirkit's Junction splice  
The Second Gallery is for cutting an Electrification Slot in a JM-907 Top Floor before beginning construction. The Second Gallery
Cut a 907 TopFloor ESlot
The Third Gallery is for the other side of the Top Floor    

This custom Gallery is for making an E-slot in the Top Floor after it has been glued on.



907 Top Floor slot

JM907 Wiring layout
using Cirkit's Junction Splice

JM907 Wiring Layout
using RGT's E247 Jack and Plug

Cut a Re-direct with a rotary tool

... and here's a slideshow for a smooth plywood top floor