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Comments: I am presently building the Vermont Farmhouse Jr, Model #J-M401.
This model comes with a finished floor.  Should I finish the floor with a clear acrylic urthane which I assume is water based? The reason I am asking this question is that when I used water to clean up some glue, it lifted the design. I want to protect the floor in case my granddaughter spills water inside the finished doll house but I don't want to lift the design.

Polyurethane, shellac, or acrylic urethane are all great!  The advantage of acrylic urethane is that it doesn't have a fume that can be undesirable inside in the winter and it dries quickly.  Whatever finish you choose, put on the first coat quickly and wipe it off completely.  Don't try to do an "extra good" job by putting on a lot.  A puddle of finish will soak into the substrate and make it heave or penetrate under the printed flooring and leave a mark - put it on - wipe it off (even the cracks) - let it dry.  Then you can sand lightly (very lightly! Use an abrasive pad for this like "Scotch Brite" or a crumpled up brown paper bag - don't use sandpaper)
Put on another coat, this time heavier.

Finish the floor before beginning construction to protect the floor from the inevitable damage of building... tape will tear the flooring, paint will drip, glue and paste will get on everything. If the floor is finished, you are protected from the effects of most of this.

Happy building

Finishing Floors