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Dollhouse Builds     share your build here   click on one of these links to go to a photo gallery
Building an RGT Newport in Brick Techniques Dollhouse Wiring
  John's Bostonian   Shingles Home: techniques, dye/stain, glues, flashing
  Apple Blossom Assembly photos   Install Dividers    Customize a Divider
      Railings: Painting and Assembly
  Bungalow (B-1920)   Using a Miter Box
  Junior houses   Cut an Electrification Slot in a floor
  Victoria's Farmhouse (JM 1065)   Floor material identification and finishing
  Painted Lady   Straighten a curved panel
  1700 Series houses    
  Sophistikits Foxhall Customizing Cut a door with a knife
      Cut a door with a jigsaw
  Lincoln Springfield Home (shingling)   Cut a new stair hole with a craft knife
  LH100 Lighthouse   Change the direction a door swings
  Connect a Lighthouse to a Keeper's house    
    Repairs Taking Things Apart
  Planter and Trellis Assembly   Remove a Corner Trim (embeded YouTube filmclip)
  Vignette: wallpaper and strip flooring   Fix a Jr. door (exterior)
      Re-attach a trimstrip on an 00095
  CH55 Door Panels   Fix a 00092 Rail (embeded YouTube filmclip)
  CH55 Window   Disassembly: Remove a floor without hurting the house
  CH55 Belltower Window movie Use a Heat gun to remove a window and shutters: this is after 2+ minutes of heating, moving the heat gun all the time, and checking constantly so the window doesn't get too hot to touch
  CH55 Steeple movie Use a Heat gun to remove a trim corner: moving the heat gun all the time, and checking constantly so the paint doesn't get too hot to touch
  6600 Queen Anne Stair Details   Cut Door Trim to fit around the stairs
  BA2014 the Collectibles Cabinet    
  Put covers on a T-10 Turntable    
Missing instructions? Ask on the "Links" page, I will try to get them and post them here
I collect old, obsolete instructions from companies that are out of business. If you have some to share, let me know

This demo was made to help a dollhouse owner whose 00092 siderail was broken off.

Pick and choose between the steps shown in this demo for the ones that apply to your need.

The "Dowel Locator" was from Real Good Toys.

Nail polish and the old style correction fluid are lacquer based and are suitable for repair of this product's paint. Look for "extremely flammible" on the warning label to identify lacquer based correction fluid.