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Q.  I recently purchased a dollhouse kit.  I discovered that I attached the Corner Molding onto each Side panel wrong. I have tried several methods to separate the pieces but nothing has succeeded.

A. I performed the following test to see if oven heat would soften the glue joint between pine corners and MDF walls so the corners could be removed:
two corners glued to milled MDF walls using white glue;
two corners glued to milled MDF walls using yellow (carpenter's) glue.
I let the glue dry for over 24 hours.
I put the test pieces into the oven, turned the oven on to 160 degrees.
The oven came up to temperature and, after a little over 10 minutes, I could smell the MDF. 
I took the pieces out, and pealed the corners off easily.
Both kinds of glue softened and the corners came off equally well.
The walls were HOT and I handled them with hot pads.
There was a glue residue left on the surfaces, but there was no tearing of either the wall or the corner. 

After the pieces cooled, I inspected them and could not see any degradation of the parts, and believe the rest of the cleanup would be easy.

A word of caution though, hot MDF emits a smelly fume, and this process should be completed quickly and with good ventilation
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