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Wiring a Dollhouse

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 Annie's 907 large image

A good starter wiring set is #6888
It contains all the basic TapeWire supplies you need to wire a Medium-sized dollhouse.

Quickstart Instructions

wiring kit  

Tapewire is the most common and easiest
style of wiring for a fully wired dollhouse.


"Net" Wiring LEDs
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Basic Supplies

      What do I need

eyelets and tool


Power basics

Transformer basics

How many lights can I run?


Solidwire project - Buildalong:

Marking the tape runs    
Details sconce
Run the TapeWire       Sconce
Connecting the Runs Use a Whacker-Backer   Eyelet 
Making Eyelet Connections (YouTube video) coach light Eyelet insertion tool 
Make a Support Block Wire a Power Jack Powered Turntable (YouTube) Liner-Paper
Powering-up, testing, and problem solving Painting over Tapewire Coach Light
Install Fixtures    
Coach Light      
  Ceiling Light  
Dollhouse Wiring: the Imagination House