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Building 1700 Series* Houses
These pictures support and augment the instructions, but they are not a replacement!

The pictures are not as orderly as a set of directions for building a dollhouse, but if they help you or if they show you where you are headed, then they serve a noble cause. Any dollhouse is a dance between doing one step at a time and jumping ahead so you'll be ready with the parts when the house is ready for them. Use these pictures to surf the project so your build will make sense to you as it is under weigh.

This collection is still under construction. Stop back often for more content and captions.
*The Gable in the 1759 and 1769 are different from the Gable shown here.

More Demos

test the parts

This may be the most important step in building a dollhouse. The builder is reading the instructions and trying the pieces. This step is valuable for becoming familiar with the parts, for getting the parts grouped in assembly order, and for figuring out the painting plan. Skipping this step is a mistake for beginners and experienced builders alike

The Build Supplemental demos
Setting up a Workspace
Measuring and fractions
Parts Organization and Identification
Using a Tape Measure
Getting Started
Stain and Score floors
The Housebody
Draw Shingle Guidelines and build the Roofs
The Gable Roof
The Foundation
1759: Gable Fronts
1781 the Ponderosa
The P707 Porch:
Porch Base
Paint and Assemble Rails
Attach the Railings
Porch Ledge
Dye or Stain Shingles
The Porch Roof
Painting Windows
The Front Steps
Paint the Foundation
Shingle the Roofs
Copper Valleys and Shingling
Bathroom Dividers
Paint and Wallpaper
Electrical wiring
1759 photo   Working Windows