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utility knife

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Knife:  Carving, shaping, and scraping, a good knife is my most-used tool


  • Carve away from yourself - eventually, everyone slips
  • Keep a sharp blade in the knife. It is safer and easier
  • Take a small chip with each stroke.

Favorite: A good utility knife has a tang that goes over the back of the blade


miter saw

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Saws:  Cutting trim to length, cutting shingle angles, cutting the corners of window and door cutouts


  • Use a light stroke... more back and forth - less down pressure to make cutting easier
  • Paste wax on a saw blade makes cutting easier and slows rust

Favorite: X-acto miter saw and miter box

vice grip pliers

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Pliers:  Grab and pull

Favorite: 4" vice grip pliers for pulling nails that went crooked