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Missing a kit Instruction? Ask on the links page
I will try to get it, scan it, and post it here
Instructions are in .PDF files

Real Good Toys instructions are here:
Greenleaf instructions are here:
If you have instructions for an obsolete dollhouse
to donate to the library, it would be welcome!

Batrie DH-71K The Newport (newer) DH-75K The New Orleans (newer)  
    Stucco DH26K Sparrow Lane       DH-71K original (before the mid 80s) DH-86K The Williamsburg (newer)  
    MM-56K the Newbury (newer)   DH-96K the Bostonian Pavilion slideshow  
    DH-56K the Newbury (late 80s - early 90s)      
Walmer The Old Village Shop #519 452 instructions    Porch detail  
  503 Tiffany 454 instructions    454 porch parts detail  
    600 Original Bay Moldings Detail  
accessories PL-77 Porch Lattice kit  
  7700 Postbases etc (PDF: 900Kb) 7700 Postbases etc (JPG: 61Kb)  
1/2" Houseworks' Victorian H1001    
L1781 Ponderosa      
FO-303 detail of Attic Endwall Overhang      
9001 detail of Quoins      
ArtPly Barrington (thanks J!) ArtPly Allison  ArtPly Tennyson  
Beginner's Luck Beginner's Luck Gingerbread Beginner's Luck Porch  
Hofco #174 Federal Victorian Hofco #214 Victorian Classic    
  AX760 Alexandria LF-140 Lafayette (does anyone have a better copy?) SF-550 San Franciscan (1982)  
  AH130 Ashley LN190_Linfield SF-555 San Franciscan (1994)  
  BY197 The Bayberry MA-242_Manchester SF-557 San Franciscan  
  BL-455 Bellingham Farm House MR-625 Markham Hill    
  CA750 Cambridge (thanks K!) NB-180 Newberg (does anyone have a better copy?) VH-600 Victorian  
  CB150 Columbian OR177 Oregon Trail VM-800 Victorian Mansion  
  FH-500 Farmhouse WN168 Winston Cottage    
  FH505 2 Story Farmhouse      
  HR-560 Heritage (Jim's PrintMini)      
MH1003 Townhouse ModelHomes1008 Southern Plantation Model Homes 1009  
Model Homes 1004 Mansion ModelHomes1008 Layout sheets    
S&W Little Orphan Annie's Dollhouse      
Woodline Victorian Doll House Woodline Grandma's Dollhouse